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Fosroc - Nitofix - General purpose epoxy adhesive (1 Litre Pack)

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Model: Nitofix
Brand: Fosroc
General purpose epoxy adhesiveUses:For high strength bonding of comm.... View More
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General purpose epoxy adhesive

For high strength bonding of common building materials.
Typical uses include, but are not limited to, the following :
- Concrete
- Metals
- Glass
- Timber joints
- Fixing laminates/veneers
- Plastics and ceramics

- Strong - adhesion tests show substrate failure (not on the glue line)
- Versatile - bonds most common building materials
- Tough - resistant to oil and chemical attack
- Waterproof - unaffected by immersion or sluicing
- Easy to use - one to one mixing
- Economical - simply mixing minimises wastage

Nitofix is an easily worked, multi-purpose, medium viscosity adhesive, which is based on solvent free epoxy resins. Nitofix is supplied as a two-pack material which, on mixing, cures to a high strength, oil, water, and chemically resistant film with exceptional adhesion properties.

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet (Base)
Safety Datasheet (Hardener)


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