Q 1 : What is (in2con.com) ?

A 1 : (in2con.com) is an electronic web-based mega store for construction related materials, equipments and services. Many sellers and manufacturers are presenting their products to enable the customer to select products from the big variety of brands and options.

Q 2 : Are prices available on in2con.com ?

A 2 : Yes. You can see the prices of the products, equipments or services if you do have an active account. Please make sure that you are logged-in in order to see the prices.

Q 3 : What is the difference between (in2con.com) and other e-commerce platforms like (Amazon.com) & (Alibaba.com) ?

A 3 : for (in2con.com) the main differences are:

  • We are specialized in construction and finishing (materials, equipment & services) only.
  • Both of companies and individuals can make the purchasing from our website.
  • The buyer is can make the payment either using the credit card or through the bank transfer.
  • The buyer can contact the seller in case the buyer is looking for some king of customization to the product or any other special request to the seller.
  • We don't interfere the payment process between you and the customers. The customers pay directly to the seller's bank account.
  • Sellers can upload unlimited products in all categories with videos and photos. So you really don't need to go the physical shop to look for something being sold by your preferred seller.
  • Most of the sellers on (in2con.com) are enabling quantities discounts on their products. The buyer can enjoy the quantity discount without wasting time to contact the seller.
  • More advantages are left for you to discover.... enjoy.

Q 4 : How can I create a seller account ?

A 4 : Creating a seller account needs you to provide us with the minimum information about you and your company. This is in order to enable our legal team to review and approve your application for seller's account.

Click on the following link for more details about creating a seller's account.


Q 5 : I have a seller's account. How can I create a new product ?

A 5 : To Create a new product on (in2con.com), you must have an active seller account first. Refer to (FAQ - Q 1)  for more details about creating a seller's account.

If you already have an active seller account, you can create unlimited number of your products into all of our available categories. 

Click on the following link for more details about creating a new product from your seller's account:


If you can not fine your question on the above list, please use the (contact us) page to send us your question. We will be working hard to answer your question at the earliest.