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Submit a dispute

If you have bought  any thing on in2con.com and you have any dispute with the seller, please don't hesitate to contact our store's admin (info@in2con.com). Please provide us with the details of your order and a clear description about your issue. Also, we are encouraging you to contact the seller using our messaging system. Our sellers are mostly welcoming the customer's messages. If the seller is not responding for 2 working days, then we will contact him to remind him about your message. If you see the seller is not taking a satisfactory action to resolve your issue, then we will get our selves deeply involved into your issue with the seller to get it resolved.

However, we are strongly advising you to report your dispute to us within 3 days from your receipt of your order. This gives us the maximum power on top of all parties to resolve the dispute in a fair manner that would be accepted by all parties.

We are looking forward to being your most trust worthy marketplace.