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Sellers policy

Welcome to in2con.com, the E-Mega store platform in 2 construction .

You are now registering as a seller in our platform which will enable you to reach your customers very efficiently.

Here is the seller's policy statement which is part of your mutual agreement with M/s. Design Tech FZE (the service operator of in2con.com)

Upon submitting your seller application, you are confirming your acceptance to the following policy and all other related policies, terms and conditions in our website (Refer to Customer Services area in our website).

Definitions of words used in this agreement

Capitalized terms or terms in bold font, do have the meanings given to them in this policy.

Design Tech, Design Tech FZE, we, our, or us shall mean our company or any of our assigned/employed representative to take actions on behalf of the company.


in2con, in2con.com, the website, the platform, or marketplace shall mean the web based marketplace platform (https://in2com.com) and/or any of its webpages. in2con.com is designed and operated by Design Tech FZE who does have the copyrights on all parts of the website. in2con.com is the registered trademark No. 330852 in the ministry of economy in the UAE. This trademark is owned by Design Tech FZE and it is protected by rights of the registered trademarks.

Seller account shall mean the account registered on in2con.com by submitting a seller register form which is available on in2con.com. The submitted seller register form shall be subjected to review by our contract control team to assure the legal eligibility of the company, which is represented into the seller account, to present / sell products or provide services in the UAE. The seller account shall be managed by an authorized person who does have the full authority to add / remove products and modify the existing products into the seller account, in accordance with the policies, terms, and conditions of the marketplace.


The Seller, the supplier, the manufacturer, and the service provider, and you shall mean an existing legal company which is a legal owner, legal manufacturer, or legal seller in the UAE, for any product which is being presented or offered for sale under your seller account on in2con. As applicable, the Seller, the supplier, the manufacturer, and the service provider, and you shall also mean an existing legal service provider in the UAE for any service which is being presented or offered for sale under your seller account on in2con.com. The seller does have the right to manage his seller account or to assign any person or company to manage his seller account under his supervision.

The customer, and the buyer shall mean any third party, either an individual or a company, who places an order for any product or service on in2con.com.


The Products, and the product shall mean any product or service which is being presented and / or offered for sales under your seller account on in2con.com. You confirm that all these products are owned and offered by you without any kind of ownership or partnership of Design Tech FZE. You shall be the soul guarantor / warrantor of any product which is being presented and / or offered for sales under your seller account on in2con.com without any kind of sponsorship by Design Tech FZE towards the applicable guarantees or warranties. Design Tech FZE would monitor the applicable guarantees and warranties in order to assure the quality of the products and services provided by the seller or to determine any required action towards a raised dispute between a customer and a seller. All application for a new product and modification of an existing product under the seller account are subject to review and approval from our products control team in order to assure the compliance of the product with the policies, terms, and conditions of the platform as well as the general rules of the UAE. Warning: You mustn’t try to present any product that violates the law or the common traditions of the UAE. Such violating action from your side, will lead to immediate suspension of your seller account which will affect the presence of all other products under your seller account until we determine the appropriate action against such violation.

You agree and confirm that any (order) confirmation that you receive from our website which is placed by a customer, is considered as a binding Purchase Order from our customer to you in accordance with all the product details, description & price which are shown on our website at the time of placing the order. However, upon placing an order by our customer for your product, you will receive an automatic notification about the order's details which you have to make ready at the earliest.

The delivery terms shall be described in you products description either (Excluding delivery) or (Including Delivery). However, for any product's price which is not inclusive of delivery, you have to describe the best shipping vehicles for the customer to pick the order from your store.

Published on 1/1/2020

We wish you a joyful sales experience with in2con.com